How It Works

Gunsmithing encompasses a numerous amount of firearm needs. If you are looking for a good gunsmithing service, stop in to the best gun store Puget Sound Wa has to offer. Gunsmithing includes anything from basic cleanings, upgrades or anything else that increases the value of your firearms. South Ridge Arms and Refinishing does it the best guaranteed, so visit South Ridge if this is a service that works for you! No matter what you are looking for, you will quickly find that South Ridge is the best gun store South Ridge Wa has to offer. 

South Ridge Arms and Refinishing was started with a gunsmith’s appreciation for the tool of a firearm.  When you have a gun that is needing some work, such as restoration, refinishing or a deep cleaning, bring it in for a spa treatment. No matter what your firearm is needing, South Ridge Arms knowledgeable and expert staff can help you! You are guaranteed to enjoy the best gun store Puget Sound Wa has to offer!

With gunsmith work you will need to fill out a Work Order with your information, the gun information and what work you will want done with it. South Ridge Arms will get the parts necessary to complete the job effectively and efficiently. South Ridge Arms will always give you an expected date of completion so you know exactly when you can expect to have your new and improved firearm returned to you. South Ridge seeks always over deliver in every aspect of their business, that why they truly are the best gun store Puget Sound Wa has to offer.

Restoring a gun can be done for a few reasons.  One could be that a family member has had a gun passed down and they want it to be restored. Another reason is undoing the damage that has been done to the firearm over the years to make it look new again. A third reason could be sentimental value and to have it either usable or to have as a wall hanging piece. Yet another reason would be to increase the value of the gun, restoration always increases the value of the gun. South Ridge welcomes people to bring their firearms in for a facelift. Like cars though, if the value of the restoration exceeds the value of the firearm, they will let you know, for the sake of your wallet. You can’t find value like this anywhere else, so visit the best gun store Puget Sound Wa has to offer and start taking advantage of the savings. 

Refinishing a firearm can be done if it has rust on it and it needs to have the rust removed and then a new finish put on it to stop it from recurring. The value of this particular service can not be understated, it quite literally brings a longer lifespan to your firearm. There are also so many different colors from the companies of GunKote and Cerakote that can be used on the firearms to personalize them to the owner. The other finishes we offer are Parkerizing first used around WW2 to provide a gun finish that was more durable than gun bluing. It would offer a non reflective finish that would also hold oil to the porous surface. Parkerizing is a perfect base coat for the spray and bake gun finishes, such as KG GunKote, Cerakote, Duracoat and other Air dry products. This level of attention to detail only exists at the best gun store Puget Sound Wa has to offer. Stop in and find out why we are the top firearm provider for so many people.

Who better to deep clean your firearm than the experienced gunsmith at South Ridge Arms and Refinishing? You have the option of a basic cleaning or a deep cleaning service with an inspection on the condition of the parts. Either service provides tremendous value. With the use of products such as cleaning solvants, lubricants, bore brushes, cleaning patches, we also use ultrasonic cleaning for parts preparation as well as the many neglected guns that have never seen a cleaning. “Yes they live among us.” Stop in to the best Gun Store Puget Sound Wa has to offer and ask for David!

South Ridge Arms and Refinishing offers sight upgrades such as changing from a standard painted sight to a night sight, so that you can see better during low light conditions that might interfere with your shot placement. Tritium sights are helpful as they do not need ambient light to see, they have a 8 to 10 year shelf life and it is recommended to change them out after being on your firearm. When using them in a dark environment they will not give away your position as a laser potentially could. South Ridge carries these options for you, but even better they provide valuable insight on what application would be best for you. They carry many options in the store for pistols as well such as suppressor height sights and adjustable sights, scopes, flashlight lasers and red dots. There is likely a solution for every need if you visit South Ridge.

Scope Mounting and Bore Sighting is a service offered at South Ridge Arms for your long range or hunting scopes. Bore sighting is done with zeroing in the rifle without taking a shot.  Bore sighting in general, is lining up the scope with the barrel for a faster zeroing of the rifle for your initial site in. We offer Scopes, Scope Rings and Mounts in the store for your convenience.  There are some older rifles that will need to have a special order made to be sure we have the correct item to mount to the firearm. 

If you find yourself thinking, “Does South Ridge Arms and Refinishing have what I need?” The answer is undoubtedly yes! Stop in to South ZRidge gun store, the best gun store Puget Sound Wa has to offer and you will not be disappointed.

Whether you are looking for fixing screws, mounting sights, AR upgrades or more, David has the answers! Visit the best gun store Puget Sound Wa has to offer!