If you’re looking for the largest selection of hunting Scopes or bore sightings, gun store puget sound wa, has what you’re looking for. while this is done for your long range and hunting scopes, scopes, scope rings amounts are in the store for your convenience. Some older models will require special order, however we promised the quickest turnaround possible. bore sighting is a technique that we use to zero your rifle without taking a shot. In general this is done by lining the scope with the barrel for faster zeroing of your rifle for your initial site while hunting. Anything to give you an added advantage while out in the wild is always a plus.

Rest assured, any upgrade you could think of for your firearm can be found at, gun store puget sound wa. Not only can we find the part for you, but we have the expertise and knowledge to service your weapon at any point in time. No matter if you’re looking for screws, mounting sights, AR upgrades, stock changes or more, all the answers are available to you at the best gun store the state has to offer. Are in-house gun enthusiasts, David, has all the answers for you. We also carry many options for pistols such as suppressor height sights and adjustable sights, Scopes, flashlight lasers and red dots. Any solution you need is available at Southridge arms.

One of the most impressive things about Southridge arms the gun store puget sound wa, is there accessories for concealed carry especially the concealed carry purses. There are many styles to choose from For every gun enthusiast on your gift list. All concealed carry purses are highly affordable with only two options above $100, we believe you can find a bag to match every outfit you go out with. While concealing is normally referred to with a gun, there are Also many concealed pockets for knives as well. Always remember your weapon will only protect you if you can get to it, And you have the added advantage of knowing where your weapon is at all times.

To your surprise, we actually sell more than just guns and Guns parts. We also have a large variety of Knives whether fixed blade or folding. Knife accessories like sharpening systems, even kitchen cutlery roll up bags and shoulder holsters are available for all your hunting and protection needs. It’s well known that guns can be upgraded and replaced parts, but are you aware you can replace knife blades for a fraction of the cost of a whole new knife? How about that for a bargain? One of the best survival tools to have on hand at any time is a sharp blade, how do yours compare?

Be sure to visit our website at https://southridgearms.com/ 253-576-7096 click on store and take a look at the items that we have available. from Smith & Wesson to Sig Sauer to Browning to Glock, we have every firearm you could ever want or need including the ammunition upgrades and accessories.

Gun Store Puget Sound Wa | Zombie Apocalypse Supply House

Tents sleeping meds insect repellent trauma packs, Southridge arms the gun store puget sound wa, has everything that you need to survive a zombie apocalypse. Many items that Hunters need for their hunting trip, are one in the same items that are needed to survive a zombie apocalypse. you’ll never know where you’ll need to sleep, eat, hide out, stash resources, even just and Camp there. Knowing what items are from what emergency is imperative for your survival. one of the most important things that you’ll need to think about, is some sort of kit for any trauma emergency or first aid use. Our online Store does sell a Molly bag trauma kit that’s good for one person for one use. Everyone in your party having one of these will increase your survivability in any situation. While this is not all inclusive option, it is a great place to start.

Bugs and insects can ruin any experience outside, we at the gun store puget sound wa, don’t this to happen to you. In our stores we have approximately 8 different types of insect repellent for people as well as pets. The majority of our items are all natural utilizing essential oils. This is important for survival situations because bugs can carry and cause diseases which can make your survivability be less than optimal. If you have an everyday carrying survival pack, we would suggest getting some of this bug spraying or wipes in your everyday carry. The number one insect to protect yourself from are ticks, as they carry and cause Lyme disease which is very hard to get rid of, causes great illness and can cause time you don’t have in a survival situation. I mean, who wants to have Lyme disease from a tick and getting eaten by zombies?

Other useful camping supplies that can double in a survival situation from gun store puget sound wa, include 2 to 6 person tents with storage, a dry bag with cooler insert, sleeping mats, and Camp Forks. Each of these items have their place depending on how big of a survival situation you and/or your family will have. With a rugged durable floor these tents are able to keep you with accommodations feeling like home. Each person should have their own sleeping mat to keep them off the ground and help to retain as much body heat as possible. A dry bag seems like not as important of a need, however keeping items like toilet paper or feminine necessities dry is in fact a hygiene necessity.

While our store is not a camping Superstore, We still have some items available. utilizing a little ingenuity and know-how you will be able to find sources anywhere. One thing we like to encourage our patrons to do is think outside the box when it comes to survival situations. Understanding the basics of your survival can keep you alive for a long time.

Restoring guns, purchasing firearms or even upgrading your current weapon are not the only reasons to stop by the shop. There are many good camping and survival gear available on our site at https://southridgearms.com/ 253-576-7096. Are exceptional customer service is second to none in store, whether it’s picking out the perfect hunting weapon, gutting knife, or zombie apocalypse survival gear, are expert staff will stop at nothing to ensure your purchase fulfills your purpose.