There are many gun store puget sound wa, so why would you buy from us? Southridge arms is the most reviewed and highest rated gun dealer in the state of Washington. between the excellent customer service and the personalized service for every customer is an experience that any gun buyer would wish to receive. There are no sales quotas here, just knowledgeable, friendly and helpful staff awaiting you to be able to fill your needs. It could be firearm sales, Gunsmithing, cleaning and repairing, or upgrading parts or accessories, our staff doesn’t care what it is you need, we just want to make sure that you are well taken care of by the time you leave.

As a customer of Southridge arms a gun store puget sound wa, the intangible benefits that you will be receiving is the attention to detail, personalized service, expert knowledge, friendly service, and customization. Ultimately, we’re wanting to make sure you get the gun customization to fit your needs. Whether you want to change the coding of your gun, the sights of your gun, the triggers or just don’t know how to assemble it properly, we have the staff to fit your needs. The biggest difference in service that you’ll receive here is you’ll never be talked down to, disrespected, or experience someone being condescending towards you. While we do want to complete the sale, imparting knowledge and ensuring you get exactly what you need is more important.

One thing we do not do here at gun store puget sound wa, is here you want a gun and put one in your hands. service like that is unacceptable in our eyes. What we like to do is give you a full consultation. we want to know why you want to go and how you want to be able to use it. We want to know how your dream gun looks, how it feels in your hands, how it looks on your hip. We want to ensure that you have a pleasant buying experience, and that you will want to recommend us to your friends and family. After all, the best advertisement is Word of Mouth.

Having a true Grassroots start, Southridge arms and refinishing was started in the garage by David and Michelle. Though we have grown, we still believe in keeping it small and customer-centered. Your experience as the customer is the sole reason why we are open. We are here to serve you and make sure you get exactly what it is that you’re looking for. Every customer’s Journey to getting what they’re looking for may look different, or sound different, but when you leave here our staff will make sure that you’re more than happy. We are striving to be your go-to household name when you’re talking about experiences around eyes to your lemonade.

Starting your research on our website here at is only the beginning. You will of course be able to see more about Who We Are, how we work, as well as other happy customers’ video testimonials, as well as an online store full of well known gun brands and accessories. Giving us a call at 253-576-7096 will only solidify and you will be receiving the best sales and service anyone in our type of business has to offer.

Gun Store Puget Sound Wa | Be South Ridge Famous

One of the reasons why we have doors open at a gun store puget sound wa, is to service our customers and give them the best experience they can have being in a gun store. We accomplished that by being the best at what we do because you are the best. Having that attitude allows us to ensure the quality of service you receive is second to none. It also allows us to personalize the service and consult with you about what it is you’re looking for. This sets us apart from other gun stores in the State. Regardless of how top notch our services and how much consultation we do, the fact of the matter is it’s the customer testimonials available on our website, YouTube channel, and Google profile for everyone to see that really sets us apart.

How often is it that you’re in a gun store puget sound wa? probably not every day, let’s face it purchasing a gun isn’t like purchasing groceries. With that in mind we only have one opportunity to make it great. If we do our job right, by the end of it not only will you leave with a brand new gun or accessory, a little more knowledge then you came in with and a smile on your face, but hopefully, you’ll be asking to do your very own video testimonial. Customers seeing other happy customers is not only a great sign for our business, but also proves how much value we are instilling in someone else’s life. when you come as a customer, see another happy customer, all you want to be is a happy customer. This is why we offer the ability to do customer testimonials in the store or even submitting it yourself through our personal email.

While our employees at the gun store puget sound wa, in their knowledge is our number one asset, the entire reason our employees are available is for our customers. Being able to see your own face and telling them about your own experience here at Southridge arms is a one-of-a-kind experience. some of you even said it’s a little surreal. Everyone these days is looking for their own claim to fame. you may as well do it in 25 seconds on camera either in the store or send it in. You never know how your words are experience can influence others to give us a try.

Receiving a testimonial at Southridge arms is a win for us to Showcase to our own customers how much previous customers are satisfied. Giving a testimonial at Southridge arms is a win for you to not only show how satisfied you are as a customer, but because you would be adding to a growing Community which you would be part of. Celebrating these wins is what being part of a community is. This is why we have no problem with sharing our knowledge and expertise as well as sharing our resources to help you become a more confident gun owner.

If you’re looking to be part of a community or share an experience that you’ve recently had in our store connect with us online at through our contact us page, or connect with us on social media. you can also give us a call or text at 253-576-7096 if you would like to talk about your experience further and how you can possibly make it a little more official.