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Gun Store Puget Sound Wa | Your Source For Routine Gun Maintenance

There are many firearm maintenance needs that the gun store puget sound wa, can provide for you. Basic cleanings upgrades or anything else that increases the value of your Firearms is considered Gunsmithing. We at Southridge arms guarantee the best service that works for you. When starting our business we started it from a Gunsmithing point of view for the tool of a firearm. Often you will find yourself needing restoration, deep cleaning or some sort of additional work on your firearm, no matter what you are needing the knowledgeable staff at Southridge arms is guaranteed to make your trip worthwhile.

Here at gun store puget sound wa, What’s important to you is important to us. Restoration of a gun can be done for many reasons, whatever your reason, know it’s in good hands with us. Whether it’s a gun that’s been passed down from a family member, you need to undo some visible damage, restoring a piece so that it can be a wall hanging piece or just to increase the value of your gun overall. Looking out for your wallet is our bottom line and we will ensure that you know if the restoration exceeds the value of the firearm itself. A value like this is unheard of in our genre of business, however, you will find Oasis filled with expert experienced service as well as unmatched customer service.

Our level of attention to detail, is second to none at gun store puget sound wa, With a refinishing service that brings a longer lifespan to your firearm. Many personalized options can be done in various colors as well as options that provide a finish that’s more durable than gun bluing. This type of coat is called Parkerizing and offers a non-reflective surface that holds oil to a more porous surface. Utilizing products from companies such as GunKote, Cerakote, KG, and Duracoat we are able to provide more personalized Options than any other location in the state.

Well not on the scope of routine maintenance, we are fully capable of replacing and upgrading sights on your firearm. The need to change from a standard painted sight To a night sight is to allow you better visual confirmation during low light time conditions. We have recommended sites that do not require ambient light to be seen and have 8 to 10 years shelf life. while using them in a dark environment it will not give your position away as many laser sites will. regardless of your need, we got the good stuff you’re looking for.

Whether you’re looking for a deep cleaning spa treatment for your firearm, restorative services, or upgrading your parts check us out at https://southridgearms.com/ 253-576-7096 to schedule your consultation today.