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Gun Store Puget Sound WA would like to offer you all of our services that include the very best to top service around. We can offer so many different products that we would like to personally offer to you or someone that would enjoy our services. You are in the salon area in Washington and we would like to offer our Spypoint SPLB-22 black 6/9/12V that you can use for your spy point cameras. For just $133, you can have your own 10 white lithium battery solar panel that delivers an ongoing power supply for any trail cameras in the spots that you just want to stay out of until you decide to go there. This battery pack has the regenerative powers of close to the sun and it will keep all of your cameras going before, during, and after your hunting season has ended. It is compatible with any and all spy point trail cameras. If you buy the slate you will also get four power cord choices that we will supply to you in order to match your camera to this battery pack regardless of the camera manufacturer. You will also get a high-quality mounting bracket and a strap to make sure that you can position and install this battery pack all day in the perfect spot for you. It only takes five hours to charge this with a power adapter in 24 hours with a solar panel.

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