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At Gun Store Puget Sound WA You can find many different types of rifles but you should really try our Lever action rifles. These are some really high quality rifles and you can find the best of the best here on our website. we have three pages of different rifles all ranging and prices and they are all very nice quality that we just think you should have anger in your house today one example that we have is the Cimarron 1873 sporting rifle which is a 24 inch among 357/38 and you will see it on our website listed for $1625.33. This is one of our most popular rifles and everyone that has fallen from us has never left upset with it so come check it out here in the store today.

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Gun Store Puget Sound WA | The Most High Quality Shotguns

Gun Store Puget Sound WA Has tons of different shotguns for you. we have a variety of them including pump action, lever action, over under, bolt action, single-shot, semi-automatic, and side-by-side. these are the shotguns for you. when you get one of these shotguns you will be very happy with our service. one of our very best shotguns on the market right now is the CVA Scout single shot rifle 350 Legend 20 inches long which is going to run you about $455. If you want some of the best deals around then you should go to our website or give us a call right now and we can help you out to pick out your new and amazing shotgun.

If you are looking through our website at Store Puget Sound WA and you find yourself thinking of looking for a gun with amazing performance at a small cost then you should go take a look at our TriStar Center over / under 12 GA 28 inch with a wooden blue finish shotgun. This Setter is designed to give the most maximum performance at a very low cost while maintaining its beauty. This 12 gauge shotgun has a 3-in chamber and a single selective trigger. The highly polished wooden stock and forearm feature laser cut checkering which is something that you need in a shotgun. The 28 inch Barrel is lined with chrome and also features a vent rib and fiber optic front sight. The S/T comes with three Beretta style chokes, extractors, and also a shim kit that we would like to provide for you. You will not be disappointed in this shotgun so get yours online or in stores today. If you are interested in this backpack then you need to come see us right now and we can help you start. You will really need to come see what this does.

Let’s say you get through our list of shotguns on Gun Store Puget Sound WA, you look at the Tristar Center over/under shotgun But you still cannot find one for you then you went to check out our CZ Sharptail coach with a 20 gauge, 3 in chamber, 20 inch barrel, a walnut stock, a color case hard and finish, and two rounds in it. This is truly the shotgun for you because it also features a lock frame design that also has a mechanical selectable trigger, and bore, Turkish Walnut stock, and color case hardened receivers. This short tail model is a true evolution of cz’s wildly popular Ringneck but it also has entirely new actions in it; it features coil springs instead of leaf springs and also a pistol grip. This one piece receiver uses independent floating firing pins and newly designed sears. It will also feature a Turkish Walnut stuck in a single extractor. The sharp tail comes in a nice plastic case that you need in your life. This coach model will come with a 20 inch barrel with a fixed cylinder and cylinder choke tubes along with that. This also includes manual safety. If this seems like the shotgun for you then you need to head over to our website right now and check it out because you will not be disappointed.

You can check out all of the rest of our shotguns on our website right now at or you can give us a phone call if you have any other questions for us and we will get those answered for you so just call 253-576-7096 and we will get everything figured out for you. we are very excited to work with you.