At Gun Store Puget Sound WA, we can ensure that any of our customers New or Old can give a testimonial that explains how much they enjoy our service and knowledge that we provide to them. you always be greeted at Southridge arms and refinishing with a very friendly smile from a staff member that knows what they were talking about and can help you out with absolutely anything great because we can put anyone and everyone know of the exceptional experience that someone might have at the best gun store in Puget Sound, Washington.

Although at Gun Store Puget WA does not require video testimonials, we really appreciate the video testimonial so our customers because they provide a preview of what a new customers experience will be like at Southridge arms and refinishing, video testimonials are not required by us but they are always certainly welcome if you were dying to let other people know how great your experience was with us. If you are equally as excited as we are for you to contribute to a testimonial, just let one of our employees know and we can help you through that process very easily.

Gun Store Puget Sound WA considers anyone eligible to contribute to our testimonies at any time. not only will our staff give you plenty of opportunities to do them but you can just send one into us too. If you are not entirely sure Of what a video testimonial would consist of, just ask one of our staff. Our process starts with one of our members of Staff asking you a couple questions and then you would just answer them while the video is recording. You should be as straightforward and honest as possible because every experience at South ridge arms and refinishing should be the best experience possible through our great customer service and help.

We hope that Southridge arms you will provide a good testimonial for our people to give a little snapshot of what your experience will be like every time you enter the store. we guarantee that you will always leave satisfied with your purchase and experience at Southridge arms. We want everyone to know how awesome your experience was and will be at the best gun store in Puget Sound Washington because everyone deserves to have a girl that they are happy with from a store that is highest rated and most reviewed. If you want to go check us out our website is or if you have any further questions you can reach out to us at 253-576-7096 and we’ll get those questions answered for you as soon as possible.

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At Gun Store Puget Sound WA You can answer that our testimonials are available to see on multiple platforms such as our website which is a very easy to access site as well as Google and also youtube. We get videos uploaded every week on a routine so you should check that out because we give a one of a kind experience to everyone that you will not get at any other arms and refinishing service. We have tons of contests and giveaways so if you want to submit that testimonial you might find yourself the winner of a new firearm or cleaning kit, we even might give away a free Gunsmithing session from the best gunsmith in house so definitely come check us out. We are looking forward to seeing every smiling face in our store because happy customers are what South ridge arms and refinishing prides itself on. We want to provide the most positive experience to each and every one of our customers which is what makes Southridge the best gun store in Puget Sound, Washington.

Ask yourself, why does Gun Store Puget Sound WA have so many testimonials and make such a big deal about them? Well, these will allow anyone to get an idea of what their experience could be like prior to visiting our store. We make sure that our testimonials detail the most amazing experience and that challenge will always drive us to repeat this positive experience for each customer that walks through these doors every single time.

Here at Gun Store Puget Sound WA, We think of testimonials like a quality assurance promise if the customers that give it a testimonial enjoy their experience enough to tell people about it then it gives new customers the reassurance that we are a company you can trust and will continually repeat that same customer service for every single customer. Whether you are searching for a cleaning kit, ammunition, magazine, or a firearm, you will receive the exact same service with a smile that you did not previously have. Here at Southridge arms and refinishing we believe that you could never have too many testimonials stay at the top of the industry and in order for that to happen we need our customers to have the best experiences and make sure that those testimonials are always up to date. We have tested this to the US military standards for both shock, water, and thermal resistance.

We want to help others discover that Southridge arms and refinishing is the best Firearms Service around is by providing in detail, up to date customers. you and visit us at our store from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. from Monday to saturday. We are a local family owned business that is very easy to reach so give us a text or call at 253-576-7096, email us, give us a shout out on Facebook or Twitter and we will get to you. You can also visit our very informative website at and we are extremely happy to help you out with any of your firearm wants or needs. Again, call us if you have any further questions just give us a call and we will get to you as soon as we can, providing the most top-notch service that Washington has to offer to you.