Gun Store Puget Sound WA Has a wide variety of different types of clothing including hats, belts, different types of gloves, t-shirts, And camo hunting gear for you. With these great prices, you can find the clothing items of your choice for any season So if you want to check that out you can go select your size and get your clothing from us now. you can get it shipped to us or you can come check out what we have in our store.

We have truly the highest quality of service here at Gun Store Puget Sound WA. For example we have many belts including the Bianchi EDC nexbelt 1.5 inches wide, user adjustable up to 50 inches leather construction, matte finish, black high gloss silver buckle. The spell is designed for everyday firearm carry but can also be used for any type of purpose that requires attaching tools to the belt. It is especially useful for IWB style carry since the belt can be tightened and loosened in very small increments and easily on the fly. This bill is particularly convenient when you are putting the holster on or taking it off and it helps you to avoid being too tight or loose. The backing of the leather belt is manufactured with very high density and quality nylon of an advanced composite of ultra fine polyester for that extra stiffness and durability that you are looking for in a belt. In addition, our belts also have a water repellent liner to stop sweat from seeping in and staining the surface of the belt so now you can conceal your firearms in comfort, convenience, and style.

In addition to the belts, Gun Store Puget Sound WA also carried all types of gloves including these amazing magpul MAG1014-001 technical gloves set of 2 in black. His gloves are made in the USA and there are the most lightweight and tactical gloves in this lineup. This technical glove offers lots of equation protection with the most unboxing extra day. filled with durable synthetic Construction, comprehension molded neoprene cuffs, and suede backed thumbs, you can count on these gloves to protect you. The very narrow forefinger maintains your range of motion for better control of your Firearms trigger and selector. All of the other fingers on these gloves are touchscreen compatible so if you need to pull out your phone to let your family know that you’ll be at the shooting room for a little while these gloves can do that and you can get your own pair of these gloves for just $28 from our website.

Look for any of your clothing needs here at Southridge arms refinishing if you are needing the most high rated and top quality coding for your needs at the range. You can visit us online at or in stores today if you have any other questions you can feel free to call us at 253-576-7096.

Gun Store Puget Sound WA | Decoys and More

Gun Store Puget Sound WA can provide you with Decoys such as the primos 69076 lil gobble stopper Strutter Box called turkey sounds. the gobble stopper Shredder is expertly detailed and perfectly sides in field proven to grab the attention of any hesitant turkeys without intimidating them all so this means that any big reactions and better shots as godblers can get drawn in by your stopper God stopper strutters very extremely realistic pose with detailing and coloring as well and a lightweight easy construction keeps you running wherever the action takes you without having to stop and take apart this cuz Bob Stoppers Shredder and it is a perfect size profile so it makes it easier Target for any other turkeys to bully without being intimidated because our excellent detail and high definition paint makes them think that it is a realistic turkey and with this $108 turkey you can also ensure that you will get a steel groundbreaker steak and a fan included with this so go over to our website and check that out now.

You can get other types of decoys and game calls here at Gun Store Puget Sound WA. For example we sell this really cool and really effective anti logistics black ops attractant disguised as dirt in a huge 5 pound bag that you need right now. you need this concealed attractant because if you want to score some of the best books during hunting season then you need to get the good stuff and you’re for only $11.28 you can have this attractant today.

Gun Store Puget Sound WA Also would like to offer you some of our scent cover-ups because if you are needing decoys and other things that might be hiding out there in the woods then you definitely need stuff that will cover up your son so you can trick the animals into thinking they are alone and you can do that with many of our products such as the Tinks scrape dripper scrape bomb that comes in a two pack. you need this stuff because if you want to trick deer or any other animals into thinking that you are gone you need to get this. some features that this includes that you can hang over natural or Mark landscapes. Unfortunately it does only work during daylight hours but it will last approximately a week on you so we really think that you need this today because it is very successful. you want this backpack in your life if you find yourself in a shooting range multiple times a week or just need a place to store or stuff and you can get this one today from us for just $127.

if you’re the hunter type and you always find yourself in the woods trying to hunt deer or birds and you need to head over here to Southridge arms refinishing because we have the very best stuff that you need in order to have a successful hunting time and if we can do that for you then you should stay with us as clients forever. You can order all of our hunting stuff online at or we can answer your questions at 253-576-7096 and we would be extremely happy to help out.