Gun Store Puget Sound WA wants To provide you with only the top notch high quality knives here at Southridge arms. We have many many different options to choose from including a fixed blade, folding, knife accessories, out the front, and utility knives. We think you should come out to our store and try out all of these and let us know what you think. You should go Check out some of our video testimonies while you are on our website and if you think you need any of our knife accessories and we think you should go check those out too because I can be very beneficial to our customers.

One of the coolest looking knives that we sell here at Gun Store Puget Sound WA is the cold steel 43ns pal fixed 400 stainless drop point blade kraton. We think that you will love this knife because not only does it look super weird and cool but it also has a serrated edge and it’s only 5 lb. The mini pal is a very small knife in weight yet it delivers the most heavyweight performance. The serrated edge Zips through a number of materials at speeds that you will not believe. The one inch Long Blade is very razor sharp and you can use this to open very delicate packages and envelopes, you can cut rope or punch through heavy cartons with this knife. Plus the handle which has a very unique shape offers a variety of different grips that would be impossible with every other design. This is one of our nice knives that comes with a securex sheath that features a lanyard clip as well and these are going to run for about $17 a piece. You need to go over to our website right now and check these out because they are unlike any other knife you will see.

Another super unique and different knife that we sell at Gun Store Puget Sound WA would have to be the cold steel hide out, 3 inch double edged blade, AUS 88A/stainless steel, drive-ex handle, with a neck sheath. This cold steel Hideout was designed to be very small and inexpensive while remaining a super functional neck knife. The resulting blade is a true featherweight, being only 1.9 oz. It is a very high satin polished double-edged Japanese AUS 8A blade with scandi ground, which makes it a very sharp and stiff knife which allows for a strong and extremely durable tip. The Full Tang of this knife is encapsulated in a weatherproof kray ex handle that has been designed to be very thin and flat. you’re looking at a 6.5 inch for the overall length and it comes with a very secure neck sheet with a bead chain lanyard which is about three inches long so go check it out now.

If you want to purchase one of our extremely cool and functional knives then you need to go to our website at and we can provide you with all of the information about our company that you need and if you have any further questions about the company, our products, or anything else, feel free to give us a call 253-576-7096 and we can help to get you started.

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Gun Store Puget Sound WA is here for just about anything you need. In our Parts and Gear drop down menu on our website, you will find that we offer Backpacks, range bags, bipods, tripods, blinds, tree stands, body armor, concealed carry purses, footwear, mag pouches, muzzle devices, shooting rest / bags, Trail cameras, triggers, accessories, air guns and slingshots, barrels, choke tubes, books, software, cleaning equipment, clothing, conversion kits, decoys, crossbows and accessories, game calls, electronics, hard gun cases, grips / pads / stock / rails, non-lethal defense, holsters, Parts, racks, pistol cases, safety and protection, reloading equipment, safe and security, scent covers, soft gun cases, slings and swivels, steel targets, survival supplies, stun guns, targets, upper receivers, and tools. We think you need to come check out all of these things here in our store as soon as you can because you do not want to miss some of the deals that we have on these things.

Gun Store Puget Sound WA sells backpacks and range bags. For example we have a G*Outdoors 1711BP Handgunner backpack with a sliding storage cradle cordura that comes in the color black. We think you need this backpack because it is a free state backpack that allows for hands-free transportation to and from the shooting range. This backpack was designed to allow the Avid handgun shooter to transport his guns, emma, ear protection commas targets, shooting glasses, staplers, tape, binos, shooting mats, and cleaning supplies all in a single backpack. It comes with a visual ID storage system that has separate Pockets designed to store your most frequently used items for added protection and also easy retrieval for you. something that makes this very unique is the inside storage cradle that slides in and out of the lower compartment and it was designed to hold for medium to small handguns in a vertical format this format allows for the use of use at a range with an added protection from 360°.

If you are looking for a backpack that is smaller and easier for you to lug around then you can find jst that at Gun Store Puget Sound WA and we will make sure you get exactly the right one. For example we have the bulldog cases deluxe range bag that comes in black seremity camo, made of nylon and is about medium size and comes with a shoulder strap. This Bulldog still looks like a range bag with a strap constructed of a very heavy duty durable nylon with water resistance fabric on the outside and very Deluxe padding. Other features included in this bag are a main compartment with removable dividers and outer pockets for extra storage and you can also adjust the shoulder strap that comes with it has a camo finish and about a medium size and you can find this on our website for just $62.

if you want to check out any of our other backpacks and range bags that we have then head over to our website at where you can find tons and tons of information on these backpacks because we have so many and if you have any other questions about them just feel free to give us a call at 253-576-7096.