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There is no better gun store puget sound wa, than Southridge arms. Not only do we sell you great guaranteed guns, But we service them with Gunsmithing as well as have the parts and accessories in the house for a quicker turnaround. We pride ourselves on personalizing our service and pairing it with our expert knowledge. One of our core values is to have excellent customer service even before you enter the store. We like to use a consultative approach When customers are purchasing a gun, to ensure you get the best gun that fits your needs. There are no cookie cutter people, so there are no cookie cutter guns for people.

The most important guarantee at gun store puget sound wa, is customer satisfaction. We go through extensive effort to ensure our customers are having a pleasant experience in the store, feel safe and respected, and more than anything they’re satisfaction is what we strive for. If you’re looking for evidence of this look no further than our website for video testimonials, our YouTube channel, or our Google profile. In the store you will see the most high profile brands like Glock, Smith and Wesson, Remington, and many more. There are plenty of options to choose from, and many aspects that would require your attention when purchasing a gun.

One way that we assure your satisfaction is guaranteed when purchasing a gun for most used to give personalized service to every customer. Each customer may need a gun for a different reason, and ensuring that we fulfill those needs will ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase. We accomplished this through a free consultation and quote available to every customer. This is the entire goal of every staff member at Southridge arms. David and Michelle both take great joy in providing an educational experience for all clients that walk through the doors. From day one you’re considered family and any local resources are shared To heighten the experience of being a gun owner. Welcome to the club.

If you’re in the state of Washington we invite you to stop by, but don’t let it deter you to shop from Us online at any location provided it’s legal to ship to where you are. check out our website at https://southridgearms.com/ and feel free to call 253-576-7096 To get a consultation and fully understand what can and can’t be sold to you via our website.

Gun Store Puget Sound Wa | What Makes Us Different?

Truth be told, any gun store puget sound wa, can sell you a gun, but at Southridge arms and refinishing we do it a little differently. In our opinion, we do it better. We have an undying commitment to develop the best gun store that the state of Washington has to offer. We are a family owned business, husband and wife team who has the skills and mindset to impart value to the community around them. They have been a staple in the community for years, some would say legendary. Every great company has a great story, and we are no different.

Before the legendary gun store puget sound wa, was created, David began perfecting his craft of gunsmithing in 1999. Through hard work and dedication and endless hours of practicing years of experience has granted him an increased knowledge of firearms. He has a burning desire to continually share this knowledge with any of South Ridge’s amazing customers. One goal David has is to ensure every customer leaves learning something that they previously did not know Regarding firearms. It’s a fact that David’s dad was indeed the one to start David on his Gunsmithing Journey. Just as his dad before him, he also passes down the integrity and Grit needed in this line of work by employing his children to waive signs outside when they first opened.

It became evident that at gun store puget sound wa, many women shooters were not getting the respect that they deserved when going to purchase a firearm or inquire about one. When Southridge arms caught wind of this, Michelle quickly sprung to action. Being a teacher at heart, Michelle enjoys spending time with women that come into the store that may not be quite sure exactly what they’re looking for. Most come in because their husband, father or brother suggested they get some form of protection. With that miniscule amount of guidance Michelle takes the time to find out the needs of the woman in a respectful and safe manner and has never failed to point someone in the right direction. she’ll be the first one to tell you if she doesn’t know an answer, but she has an undying work ethic to discover the answer for you.

The best thing about buying a great gun from Southridge arms is that you’re buying into a community. you’re a gun owner now! It’s time to be proud and show it. Not only do we have the greatest accessories for your firearm available in store, but we have countless resources such as shooting ranges or even private lessons. We would love to point you in the right direction. When you leave our store, not only do you leave feeling more knowledgeable and more prepared, but you also leave his family.

The proof is in the pudding, and we invite you to check out our website at https://southridgearms.com/ where we have lots of information, testimonials, in pages and pages of guns and Guns accessories on our store. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous or have specific questions we invite you to give us a call at 253-576-7096 to schedule a one-on-one consultation today.