The idea of Consultative sales at the gun store puget sound wa, is definitely foreign in this field. Usually in retail, any retail for that matter, the idea of the salesperson is to sell you the most expensive option available and work their way down. Here at Southridge arms, we take a very different approach, we suggest to everyone of our customers a free consultation and quote. This Service provides us the background information into your knowledge and experience so that we can adequately provide a solution perfect for you. Every customer is not a cookie therefore we do not have a cookie cutter sale for every customer. This, and our customer service is what sets us apart. We strive to make the sale a truly exceptional experience.

From handguns, to rifles, the shotguns, the gun store puget sound wa, has a way of fitting you into your needs. When experiencing a consultation in the store, you are paired with a staff representative who will ask questions and based on your answers, we will then provide you with an array of solutions. depending on the purpose for the firearm as well as the desired effect, we can suggest guns you may have never even seen or knew existed. We also recommend that all new guns you practice with, so you know what to expect when you’re in an emergency situation. utilizing our resources, we would suggest a range or lessons in using your gun from local sources.

Knowing and understanding the purpose of your gun purchased at, gun store puget sound wa, is far more important than understanding your budget. While the budget May assist the staff member in weeding out more expensive firearms, it is imperative to understand what’s more important to you. and the price? or the purpose? When thinking about a firearm for protection, it’s important to think about what kind of knockdown power you would want to be responsible for. What about how many bullets it holds? revolvers are limited where guns with a magazine are not as Limited. how will you react in an emergency situation where you have to pull your gun? These are things you may not have thought about before.

The important thing to note here, is that no one is attempting to sell you something that you didn’t come in looking for. If for whatever reason you feel like that is happening, please feel free to grab David, Michelle, or go online to our contact us page and let us know what happened. We like to keep it simple for the customers, as our line of work isn’t always the easiest.

Even if you were to come into our store having zero idea of what you’re looking for, we will ensure to get you with the perfect gun in hand. However, having a starting point from our website at, 253-576-7096 is always a plus and appreciated.

Gun Store Puget Sound Wa | An Eye For Quality

Rest assured, every item in our, gun store puget sound wa, has been handpicked by our staff for quality, value, and Gunsmithing ability. one thing we know about Firearms is quality. while every gun out there is not a quality pick, between cleaning and upgrades we can make your pic of more quality for you. by getting a deep cleaning Spa firearm treatment, it can extend the life of the gun by 8 to 10 years. by adding a sight on your gun that doesn’t tell your position, you’re able to remain stealthy and shooting from cover. this and other upgradable items determine value and quality for our customer.

If you see a firearm located in our gun store puget sound wa, you better believe it was approved by our in-house gunsmiths and gun enthusiasts. asking why they chose that gun over others May provide you insite when looking for further value from firearms. Value may look different for each customer, but quality reigns Supreme. Many guns are created for the sole purpose of being a unique collectible piece. It’s a conversation starter. Sometimes guns are sold basically for the purpose that they were in a movie or other form of entertainment that could be well known to most people, they will create replicas and sell them for a hefty price, is this value or quality?

Being the most reviewed gun store puget sound wa, has its perks, the most valuable is that other people understand we have an eye for quality. We are not a pawn shop and will not treat you in that manner. We are a high-end firearm shop and reseller who takes Pride in our enthusiasm for guns as well as the quality in which we deal with our customers. one thing you can be for sure of, is you will not be lied to for the purpose of a sale here. Every decision our staff makes is with you, the customer, in mind.

Quality and providing an exceptional customer experience is our number one goal. in doing this and achieving being the most reviewed gun store, we have set the standard for other gun stores. if you are not achieving the quality that you desire, please stop your search and come and see why our customers feel they are part of a bigger family. we treat our customers with a higher caliber of customer service value with the variety of guns we carry but more importantly The Uncanny level we go through in order to set ourselves apart from the Riff Raff in our midst.

Guaranteeing quality service starts with Consulting our customers, seeing their needs, hearing their concerns, and providing answers. we fully recommend starting your firearm shopping Journey at 253-576-7096, and understand this is not an all-encompassing source. it’s just the best source. Weather shopping for yourself or someone else, we would be honored to provide you with the same service, knowledge, and priority as our own family. don’t be a stranger, come on down and see what all the hype is about.