Being the best gun store puget sound wa, Comes from our impeccable attention to detail. When you walk through the store doors, our whole goal is for you to leave satisfied and knowing more than you came in with. David has a plethora of over 20 years experience that he learned from his father in servicing guns and upgrading them. His true Joy comes from his customers having the best experience in person from any gun store. This is a complex by a staff remaining friendly, offering personalized service, remaining highly attentive to detail and offering complete customization and personalization. you may come in with a specific gun in mind, but after talking to our experts, you will leave with an even better quality firearm than expected.

We do not offer preconceived gun sales here at gun store puget sound wa. What that means is every customer Is treated with a blank slate. Our staff will ask questions to find out why you are shopping for a firearm in the first place. A gun for hunting versus a gun for self protection are two different things, And we will be doing our clients a disservice by attempting to sell a blanket product for the sole purpose of sales. We work with your needs and your budget in mind, every time. Buying. a gun is personal, that’s why we offer personalized service for every customer. from beginner to aficionado, we customize and experience based on you

What other gun store puget sound is offering a free Gun Store Puget Sound Wa quote and consultation? Let me answer that for you, not one! This is one area that sets us apart. Guns are serious business, protected by the Second Amendment of our great nation. so we take our guns out seriously. Because of this, it is our policy that items are sold and shipped in accordance with all existing federal state and local laws and regulations. checking your restrictions in your area is imperative to know if you would even be able to receive the item on our website. According to the ATF rules you must be 18 or older to purchase a long gun and 21 or older to purchase a handgun. We are law abiding citizens that pay attention to all regulations regarding firearms.

Our biggest source of pride is the fact that our customers leave satisfied. Guaranteed. testimonials on our website YouTube and Google page can attest to this. all of our customers come in for repeat business, refer to us, and become close friends and family. This makes it more personal and satisfying when our customers are getting exactly what they want. it may not be what they originally came in for, that they leave with the best tool available for them.

A reputable gun dealer is worth its weight in gold. check out our website at 253-576-7096 to discover why we are by far the best gun store around. don’t take anyone’s word for it, come on in and experience it yourself. Feel free to talk to David, he offers advice to every customer we serve.

Gun Store Puget Sound Wa | God, Family, Country

A family-run store looking to instill the love of God and Country still exists at Southridge arms a gun store puget sound wa. Not only is it a gun store, but it is the gun store in the entire state of Washington. Work ethic and integrity is how this business survived. Once David learned the craft of gunsmithing from his dad, and his wife joining in on the vision, it became a family affair. When they first opened, David and Michelle had their children waving signs to get customers to come in the store. It’s that same grit that led them to being the best gun store in the state of Washington.

Finding out other customer experiences at any gun store puget sound wa, helped them create the framework for exceptional customer service, and treating their customers like family. especially welcoming female shooters is something that Southridge arms and finishing strives for in their store. Having new Shooters come into their store and be comfortable to ask questions and be respected by their staff it’s part of the vision for them to fulfill their mission. and it has worked wonders! Every time a customer chooses with them, they feel a sense of Honor to share their firearm knowledge. Providing each customer with the proper guidance is pivotal to their success.

Having a female co-owner is a huge selling point at a gun store puget sound wa, and Michele enjoys taking time with women who come in and are not sure what they are looking for. At times, their husbands, dads or brothers have great intentions for them to be safe, but may not have the expertise of having firearm knowledge as well as being a woman to understand that special set of needs. From conceal carry purses to offering other options for self protection like knives, Michele is sure to take all Options into consideration. Another valuable asset Southridge arms has to offer is their extensive network around the state. If they are unable to find the firearm that fits for you, or you have further questions that their expertise may not be able to answer, David and Michelle have great friends in the area they don’t mind recommending. from gun ranges to gun lessons, don’t be shy and ask the staff for a business card.

We believe that by serving God you are serving the country, and vice versa by serving the country you are in fact serving God. This sentiment can be extended to include family as well. Our country has great protections for our citizens to be able to protect themselves and their family. By serving our customers, we are in fact serving our family, which is serving our country, and in the end serving God. this is not only what we believe, but this is also the actions we take day to day.

if you are in the market for a firearm and are looking to be part of a family environment that serves God and country with integrity, look no further than 253-576-7096. we are looking forward and excited to serve you in the best gun store Washington State as to offer.