There Comes A Time when you’re looking to purchase a gun, and at gun store puget sound wa, you can be part of shopping with the best of the best. We not only have the best inventory of guns, accessories, ammo, as well as additional hunting equipment, but we also have the best gunsmith in the state, but also the finest knowledgeable staff as well. Your satisfaction is only concerned, and we do that by Consulting you during your shopping experience. we may ask where you’ve looked before, what you’re looking for, how your experience has been, this is all in an effort to make this the best experience you’ve had.

One thing we really enjoy at gun store puget sound wa, is because we know where the best in the business, we can only get better from here. We accomplish this by ensuring you have a friendly smiling face as soon as you enter the building, and that same Friendly and smiling face will take you through the entire process of the sale. We Strive to provide you with a one-of-a-kind experience where you not only feel respected and safe, but all questions are answered, you get the product you really enjoy, and you leave with more knowledge than you can. The most rewarding response is when a customer desires to give a video testimonial. We really enjoy asking questions and seeing the customers face light up when responding.

When you buy from Southridge arms a gun store puget sound wa, you are guaranteed to receive excellent customer service before, during and after the sale. That means if you call us indicating your inquiring about purchasing a gun, we start the consultation process then. It’s important to us how our customers are treated through the entire process. Our craft has been perfected over the years, through hours of patience, dedication and work ethic. The talented and knowledgeable staff has not only learned the art of selling guns, but of repairing them, upgrading them, cleaning them and fabricating them as needed. personalized customization is something we are proud to offer, sets us apart, and helps us be the best of the best to obtain all of your gun and Firearm needs.

Southridge arms has been in business since 2015 when David and Michelle opened their first store. Being a huge leap for their family, they began building and growing the business with what Vision they had. As they gained notoriety for gun sales, Gunsmithing and most importantly customer service their vision came to light. The communities surrounding them as well as previous “family members” who have purchased from them helped build the name to be what it is today. the best of the best. Overtime, this vision has only become stronger and more refined, Instilling the vision from top to bottom at their store. Their mission is not to sell guns, ammo and accessories, but to provide Insight information and guidance to those purchasing from them.

The truth is if you want to be part of the best you buy from the best. that can only be done here at Southridge arms. The majority of our inventory is available online, so check us out at feel free to connect with us through social media, shoot us a message, email us, or even give us a call or text at 253-576-7096. We look forward to being able to give you the best experience in purchasing firearms or accessories today.

Gun Store Puget Sound Wa | Budget Is Not The Only Criteria

When purchasing a gun at a gun store puget sound wa, most customers come in with a budget. We recommend that budget not be the only criteria for the purchase of a gun. All of us know the basic parts of a gun: the barrel, the trigger, in the chamber or magazine where the bullets are located. but from Brand to brand these basic parts can cause a gun to be more or less expensive. There are lots of other criteria that should be addressed when purchasing a firearm. This is the main reason for our consultative approach, however this should give you further insight as to why.

Here at Southridge arms, a gun store puget sound wa, we like to start by understanding your desire for wanting to purchase a gun to begin with. If you’re looking to start a new hobby and hunting, we probably won’t be recommending a handgun. on the same notion, if you’re looking for protection and want the most knockdown power depending on how skilled you are with shooting could determine if you want a shotgun or handgun. And this is one question so far. The next would be to let you hold a gun in your hand and see if it works for you. We have seen numerous customers looking for a shotgun, then once they come in and hold one for themselves they see the shotgun doesn’t really fit their body type especially after the shotgun is shot. Unfortunately, there just isn’t a way for anybody to know that without coming inside and trying the gun out for them.

Walking into a gun store puget sound wa, is a different kind of experience. Many people when shopping for anything turn online for research, but online research Compares nothing to first-hand experience and putting the product in your hand. Understanding the purpose for your firearm is only the beginning. How much gunpowder can you handle in your gun when shot? The amount of gunpowder directly affects the power of the bullet as well as the recoil. The Recoil may cause some issues for you. Do you require a bullet with less gunpowder? Will that affect the knockdown power of your firearm? Can you quickly recover from your recoil and be ready to shoot again if needed? I’m sure the last thing you would want is to purchase a fancy firearm without the effectiveness in which you thought you were buying it. It would be horrible to be in the middle of a situation where the firearm you purchase doesn’t fit you and ends up costing you more in the long run because the situation didn’t go as planned.

After the purchase of a firearm we always suggest going and practicing with it. We provide resources local to you through contacts we have had for a long time. Those resources may include a shooting range, lessons for shooting as well as concealed carry, or even another gunsmith that may be more specialized in what you’re asking for. Remember, your gun is only as effective as the knowledge you have in using it when the situation arises. That’s why it’s imperative you get a firearm to fit your needs and not one that just looks pretty. unless you’re into that, in which case, we have excellent restorative services in which you can place the gun in a display case.

Hopefully, this article got you thinking and asking more questions. Our main responsibility is not only to get you a gun that fits your needs and body type, but ensure that you’re doing it safely for you and those around you. If you’re looking for further information for purchasing Firearms or firearm accessories take a look at our website at . Once you’re satisfied with the answers you get from this resource, feel free to give us a call at 253-576-7096 so we can schedule an in-person consultation and Ensure you have exactly what you need for your needs.