About Us

South Ridge Arms and Refinishing was started in a garage on South Hill in Puyallup, WA by David and Michele Nielson. They were committed to developing the best gun store Puget Sound Wa has to offer. Since then, it has indeed grown into the store that residents have become so fond of. With big goals and a love for the art of Gunsmithing, David has been perfecting his craft since 1999 when he went to school. While there he learned from doing and practicing, before eventually perfecting his craft through years of experience. David’s firearm knowledge has only increased over the years. He has a passion for sharing this knowledge with all of South Ridge’s amazing customers. If you come to South Ridge today you are assured to leave having learned something you did not previously know. Do not hesitate, visit the best gun store Puget Sound Wa has to offer.

David and Michele opened their first store in 2015 and started selling guns and accessories as well as the Gunsmithing services they had already been providing. This was a huge leap of faith for their little family as it meant more time into building their business and growing what that vision was. Through the help of a wonderful community in Edgewood, South Ridge Arms and Refinishing quickly became a staple of the community and well-known in surrounding communities as well. What started with a hope and a lot of prayers, quickly blossomed into something bigger. David and Michele wished to be able to support their family and those of their employees as well, through the help of the wonderful people of Edgewood and the surrounding communities, that goal has been achieved. South Ridge Arms and Refinishing has been blessed by their customers which have become lifelong friends and some even family. Through the community, they have indeed become the best gun store Puget Sound Wa has to offer.

David and Michele’s family has put their heart and soul into the business. From their children waving signs outside when they first opened to them learning the craft from their dad. They look to instill the love of God and country, work ethic and integrity in their boys and every customer who walks through their doors. This experience has led to them being the top gun store Puget Sound Wa has to offer.

The vision they have for South Ridge Arms and Refinishing has only become stronger and more defined over time. They have found that other local gun stores were not always friendly to their customers, especially female shooters. This is something South Ridge Arms and Refinishing strives for in their store. They want new shooters to come in and be comfortable asking questions and be respected in the response from all members of their staff. This vision is instilled from top to bottom at their store and they believe in the mission of not just providing guns, ammo and accessories, but also providing insight, information and guidance.

When a new potential firearm owner (or current one) comes into the store, David and Michele don’t take that for granted.They feel honored that each and every customer chooses them for their firearm needs and knowledge. They ask questions about what you need or want, listen to the answers and at the end of the day, work with you to find the perfect fit. South Ridge Arms and Refinishing is of course 2A Positive and it’s in their blood! They also like to warn you of the addictive effect a visit to the best gun store Puget Sound Wa has to offer can have on someone. One visit is never enough!

There are different types of firearms available in the state of Washington currently. South Ridge Arms and Refinishing will provide you with all the information you require in regard to pistols, revolvers, shot guns, lever actions, bolt actions and AR’s. Whatever your question is, they will provide you with the information you need and the proper guidance. They can work around your budget in offering layaway and gun savings plans, also known as Gift Cards. So regardless of experience, budget, or need, South Ridge Arms and Refinishing has you covered. Don’t wait, visit the best gun store.

Michele is a teacher at heart and loves to spend time with women that come in and are not sure what they are looking for and have a lot of questions. While their husbands have their best interest at heart and want them to be safe, this is such a personal purchase and is difficult to do for someone else. South Ridge Arms and Refinishing welcomes questions of all types and will either have the answers or know where to find them. No matter what South Ridge Arms and Refinishing always has and always will point you in the right direction. In addition to having all the answers for your firearm needs they also have many great friends in the area. This means they can provide you great recommendations for the best gun ranges and lessons in the area. Speak to one of the friendly staff for a business card. If you visit the best gun store Puget Sound Wa has to offer, you will get connected with other great places in the area.

South Ridge Arms and Refinishing is constantly looking for the most bang for your buck. Whether it be accessories, firearms, ammo, AR parts, 1911 parts, sights, holsters and more, we are always on the lookout. We do try to keep some items as local as we can and those prices may be a bit more, but you are supporting more than one local business at that point, and it is so appreciated. If you decide you want to upgrade your firearms, whether it be sights, refinishing, 1911 work, building an AR David the gunsmith is here to help. Visit the best gun store Puget Sound Wa has to offer, you won’t be disappointed!

Stop in to the best gun store Puget Sound Wa has to offer and join the family!